What do you want? Do you want to hunt desire and fly higher and higher? I understand, I want to stand in that same place while speeding through space and time, chasing my prime. If I mirrored your dreams would you appease my extremes? Why in the name of hell can’t you hear heaven yell out loud that the earth has been plowed by countless feet, I don’t want to cheat you out of your breath the way you want it spent. Don’t cheat me out of mine cause our breaths together can travel on forever no matter what the weather may be. Let your fears fly free until we see fields of gold in a never-ending story told by the old queens of Babylon while kneeling at the feet of kings unknown. I’m at your feet, you’ll find me under the sheet of trouble and rain, I’m the sand and sun that reign beyond a fugitive rainbow glimpsed through a small window of hope, throw me the rope, I want to climb our moment in time.

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