Ha ha… ha… what do women want? One wants diamonds, one wants fame, the other to win the game. Just kidding, those are just the lame hoes with the turned up nose, and who cares about those. If your mind is open look for those with unspoken dreams in their eyes, the ones who won’t mind to eat french fries, the ones with wide skies the size of a Nobel prize. Look for the ones that scare you a little, the ones who don’t care about the title of Mrs. X, the ones who write the checks, the ones interested in good sex. Cool women want to still be girls, don’t care about pearls, but like to play with your curls. A good woman wants to do what’s right but breaks the rules day and night. A woman wants to always be a surprise, will have abundant supplies and say “Ay vamos” and joke that she made you fish tacos. That woman will present herself on a platter for you to shatter her grey matter. Between me and you, a woman wants to be told what to do, be put in an infinite corner where she loses her armor. She wants to be soft without getting lost. She wants to be a queen in your eyes, she wants to not need to disguise herself, a woman’s not to be placed on a high shelf. A woman’s to be used, she wants her mind abused, she’s a piñata with candy inside as much as she tries to hide. That woman wants a universe, she wants to find herself in a song’s verse, she wants to immerse herself into your world and experience stories untold in text books, she wants to be the hooks for your coat and travel in your boat. She welcomes stormy waters and searches for what really matters.

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