You run and fall, and get up,
Wobble, run and fall, and stand up.
And walk.
I admire your perseverence, but
Stop and think, think harder,
Do easier, enjoy life.
Life is too short or too long
If you fail to live it.
Do yourself a favor and
Live life just right.
Build memories that last
Reach goals that hold meaning.
Reach your potential.
Ignore not the blade of grass
Which can slice through pain.
Forget not your friends
Who can ease the strain.
Social animals who enjoy
Solitude. In the right amount.
Live to love and like
The things that are right.
How does it feel
To kneel at the stronghold
Of emotion?
Leave your last mistake
And break the mold.
Inspire and bring higher
The undeserving ones.
They are the bones.
When on the brink
Don’t forget to think,
Don’t forget to feel,
It is the most real
Animal species you’ve
Ever encountered.

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