I am artist! (part two)

I am afraid
Of success.
She told me so.
We want more and more.
Safer to fall back
On the reasons that back
It up.
Like a self appraisal
Without the ones who
Embezzle the meaning.
What meaning?
I don’t know, the ones who know…
Which ones?
Those ones.
The ones who tell you how to feel,
What it is or isn’t real.
The rulers of a world in cash.
I care not but I am conditioned
Like everyone else
I must play the game.
I resist at my own expense.
Excuses, excuses they say.
I cannot win, oh but I will!
I’ll show you what the deal is
In reality!
Which fuckin reality? Yours?
Mine, theirs? Who cares?
I don’t.
It’s the perfect set up
For justified failure.
But not me my dear, not me.

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