Sit still while one leg swings the craddle. Chill air should not be disturbed so as the fleece lined hoodie can provide dollar promised comfort. Legs cross over again to warm the needy thigh. Cuts in the jeans cause no cultural harm but indirectly request cover.

Garden soiree…an electronic invite disrupts and allows for dismissal to creep in. $100 is puffed away with a grunt of disapproval, too much and for what.
The need to be outdoors freezes the flesh and brings back memories of a ‘bivuac’ on the 8th floor balcony. Times of dreams uninterruped while the cat was not home [internal giggle]. When did we give up dreams for the illusion of meaning?

Another electronic interruption and not even what it was hoped for. An annoying reminder of permanent mailings impossible to cancel overseas.
…and another. Procrastinating its delivery should give it a better chance to not disappoint, but we all know that’s unreliable woodoo… And it was.

The more we wait, the more…ah, Russian down the street speaking of ‘computer system’…how fitting. The computer system is not providing the necessary amount of warmth. Or love. It sucks time, and money and creates an innumerable sequence of expectancy. It provides a tangible illusion.

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