Right Now

Impermanence is a dash of today’s flavor. Ironically, impermanence is here to stay. It crumbles values and ideals through its extensive realm of possibilities. Infinite possibilities for our tiny minds. We forget but we are not forgiven. We do not have a choice when it’s impossible to decide. Stomachs bigger than our wishful thinking end up perpetually hungry. The more we ingest, the less we digest and our trembling, anticipating fingers deliver unhealthy choices. We are bound to grow into the old generation. Discarded and translated into zeros and ones that nobody understands but everyone thinks they do. Because we are too simple now. The hidden meaning lost, we spread our ashes on the seas of irrelevant experience. Yet, hope dies last. Part of the race without the need to win, we are there. Somewhere, a piece of our existence is casting a shadow.

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