An axiom

No meaning, no sense, no law to digress the ultimate truth, the hope of our youth, you have to believe, you have to apease the clouds in your sky, there’s no reason why the bad would prevail, I’ve stories to tell, and much to entail, makes no sense to be dense, need not tense in deep defense, words only tell where actions dwell, believe it, feel it and live it, reality screams cause it’s got no seams, but we have got dreams, and the means to achieve, if you can believe that I won’t for a fraction, make an action not deliver satisfaction and hurt you. So don’t allow the big wow to disappear, when we are so near, I will never veer off course. Believe it or not I have tied the knot, and I’ve got no fear because it’s so dear, to my heart. The fighter attitude only serves to clear the blur and make way for the day, and days, where no haze can possibly or immediately interfere. I will see you there.

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