I respectfully disagree

A somewhat well-established Milanese artist recently supported that art is not about the human being anymore. “Art is bigger than that”, he righteously acclaimed, the individual doesn’t count as much as it used to. After which he asked me if I was artistically trained and I would understand his elevated lingo…if he was to explain to me this human being business. “The industrial revolution…” he began, marked the beginning of the end for the person as the center of the universe.
And yet, we continue to believe that small steps lead to great discoveries, that details make the whole. Global warming, trips to outer space, world famine… the human seems to fade in front of such big monoliths. And yet, reduce the universe to a point, dissemble a rocket to the smallest of screws and you will see that the world, good or bad, is nothing without the man. Nothing but water and earth and photosynthesis, all great and mighty, beautiful in their unrattled natural state. BUT there IS man. And man is using, torturing, enlightening and transforming the world by the minute. Man is STILL the driving force behind most changes on this planet Earth. Man is physically small but man dreams big; sometimes he dreams a nightmare, but the importance and power of man are indisputable.
So to those of you who think a mini-sized glacier on top of a refrigerator talks about something completely different, you are wrong. Man is helping melt that glacier and man made the fridge I’m going to grab a cold beer out of. Happy birthday!

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