@HOME Personal Exhibition Cluj, Romania

February 25 – March 31 2011
ZMart Gallery

Thank you everyone for coming, special thanks to art critic Anemona Frate, photographer Ramona Gliga and ZMart Gallery.

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3 Responses to @HOME Personal Exhibition Cluj, Romania

  1. Tudor Seulean says:

    Calina, is “abandon13” you? I mean were those messages posted by you? Congrats!

    • abandon13 says:

      yes it is, thanks!

      • Tudor Seulean says:

        Damn! I just left a reply but your blog suddenly disappeared, with my reply and all! I was just saying that, in that case, I do really like some of your thoughts – will have to go over your postings once again and read them more carefully – I’ll even want to make a note of a thought or two that you posted – because I find them enlightening and revealing. I have just subscribed to your blog (signed up if you will) and I look forward to receiving notifications about your notes to self – be they about your artistic activity or simply about your views and feelings on certain issues. In the meantime, keep up the great work (which I am sure you do, without me having to remind you)!

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